Two kinds of CCTV Installers Exist

Did you know there are two different kinds of CCTV installers around?
  1. One puts the camera in and connects it up so you get a good picture.
  2. The other puts the camera in and connects it up so you get a good picture but charges a little more.

So what’s the difference other than price?

Installation company 1

Image of CCTV model in the shop

The sales man came to the site, discussed your requirements to watch the customers walking around the shop from a back office monitor and to record that and the staff car park. The book shop floor plan was provided and from this it was decided that 3 wide angle dome cameras and 1 vandal dome in the car park connected to a 4 channel DVR would cover the areas.


Qty Description Price
3 VideoSecu Outdoor Dome Night Vision IR CCD Security Camera 420TVL $400
1 Swann Alpha D01 SWA41-D1 4-Channel Security DVR $600
1 Installation $800
Total $2160.00


Installation company 2

The sales man took the time to find out what you hope to achieve with the cameras as per the previous company but went further, asking questions about what they would like to be able to do with the recordings if something has happened. The client explained that they want to convict shop lifters that they see on the spot monitor and use the staff car park to observe how long employees are spending on smoke breaks when the manager is not in the store.
A brief discussion was had about the difference between observing a person and being able to identify them for a conviction. Also the coverage requirements to ensure a conviction.

3D design software CCTV Camera placement floor planLeaving with the floor plans, they spent a further 40 minutes on a 3D CAD to illustrate what the camera could actually achieve by demonstrating different angles of coverage and the expected output images. Being a book shop, the camera placement was critical to seeing along the shelves. The points of ID are clearly shown by the red shading in the coverage patterns.

Camera 1In conjunction with the client it was decided that 6 cameras were needed based on the ability to get an ID shot at the entry door and counter. The other cameras giving overviews to provide 90% coverage. The entry door and rear car park cameras were upgraded to compensate for the potential back light issues. The DVR was an 8 channel, allowing for some expansion if required.

Download the trial version now

3D Image of CCTV model in the shop

3D Image of CCTV model in the shop3D design software image of ID CCTV camera

Qty Description Price
4 CCTV SAMSUNG SCC-B5352 1/3″ Super HadIt Ccd Vari-Focal Electronic Day/Night Dome Camera $1400
1 CCTV SAMSUNG SCC-B5395 1/3″ Super HadIt Ccd Vandal Resistant Vari-Focal Day/Night Dome Camera $700
1 CCTV SAMSUNG SCC-B5393 1/3″ Super HadIt Ccd Vari-Focal Day/Night Dome Camera $690
1 Q-See QT518-1 Professional 8-Channel H.264 Full D1 Recording Real-Time Surveillance DVR Pre-Installed 1 TB Hard Drive $1800
1 Installation $1000
Total $3690

CCTV 3D design software image of Car ParkWhich one do you think the customer would choose?
Experience says if you take the time to explain why, it may cost you extra time but not only are you more likely to get the sale but also referrals.
We are not saying installer one gave a bad image in the sense it is out of focus. They simply didn’t identify what the customer needed so chances CCTV 3D design software image of shop counterare the camera is only good for an overview and will never identify someone.


Download the trial version now

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  1. CCTV Installer September 14, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    So True. I see this happening on a daily basis. Budget CCTV Installers that use budget equipment even on high risk applications.

    Quick Response CCTV Ltd

  2. Russ April 6, 2012 at 1:20 am #


    a good article, the trouble is so many people just look at it from a cost angle and don’t see what they have is actually worthless for identification.

    • Tim Norton April 6, 2012 at 5:45 am #

      Thanks Russ,

      I see from your site that there are similar problems across our trades.
      How do you approach this during the sales and tendering stages?

  3. Russ April 6, 2012 at 11:14 pm #

    Thanks Tim,

    Great site for information. I might add you to the links section of our website if that’s ok.

    Drop me an email as I would like to use some of your info (with credit and link of course!)