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Two kinds of CCTV Installers Exist

Did you know there are two types of CCTV Installer? One designs the system in consultation with the client while the other just puts cameras in. Which are you looking for?

What Is Wrong With This CCTV Footage?

  This footage found on the Courier Mail site shows a typical camera setup that should give good ID images given the tight scene. While the results are reasonable, there are two key areas that should be addressed to improve the over all results. The amount of roof at the top of the scene is […]

More poor quality security video with a holdup in Emerald

Here is a fine example of surveillance video from a HD camera (you can tell by the 16:9 aspect ratio) that is next to useless. First of all a HD camera, whether it is 720p or 1080p should give a really crisp image but this one has so much compression applied, most likely to increase […]