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720p Zoomed

Why your $800 lead will spend $3000 with me

The sales fight to the lowest price is a common occurrence in the video surveillance industry and I won’t participate in it. In fact I would rather walk away from the sale than enter this market. Why would I turn down a sale? Because I know in most applications, the $800 system just won’t work!I […]

Soloshot2 tracking camera

Imaging if this was a CCTV product!

I know we can do similar with tracking PTZ cameras but I just thought this was so cool I had to share it. It’s called the SoloShot2 and it works but tracking a transponder (Tag in their terms) that you carry and the camera will follow. You can even tell the camera to start, stop and […]

effectiveness of CCTV cameras

57 Channels and Nothing on – Why Your CCTV Is Not Working

In 1992 Bruce Springsteen released the song 57 Channels (and Nothin’ On). Back then I was in the 4th year of my electronics apprenticeship in the security industry and CCTV cameras were only for the rich – high risk companies such as banks. I feel the level of professionalism around the installation and positioning of […]

Weak security alarm code 1970

The 5 Most Used Password in the past 4 Years – and How to Remember a Better One

Over the past 4 years the most used passwords in the world have been identified. It turns out that some people are just plain stupid with what they consider to be a password and over the 4 year period, the top 5 have remained almost consistent.  So before you find out if you are in the stupid […]

Window Cleaner security breach

Can You Stop A Terrorist – Reassessing Security Plans

I just found this post relating to facility management and Reassessing Security Plans as Terrorist Networks Become Decentralized. While not talking specifics, there are aspects of all forms of security that can be implemented to improve your overall awareness of who is accessing your building without authorisation. The reality is your biggest weakness in your buildings […]

Factory Acceptance Test

What is a FAT?

In a recent meeting with a builder and a consultant, we were talking about the early stages of a project’s time line what the term FAT came up between myself and the consultant. The builder spoke up asking “what is a FAT?” A FAT stands for a Factory Acceptance Test. A process where you build […]


6 ways to use the CCTV Design tool to improve your surveillance system

In the coming weeks we will be starting a new series of posts on how to use a CCTV CAD software to improve your CCTV system design What to know when getting started with a CCTV design CAD software Defining the scene type and best resolution How to design a CCTV system to reliably identify […]

Eaton 3S UPS

Do you need a UPS for a DVR

A UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply – is a highly recommended addition to your CCTV system as a sudden pulse in the power can destroy your DVR’s hard drive. As well as keeping the system powered up during power fails, they clean the incoming power for spikes and surges, which destroy electronics. They only add […]

Mine site tagboard | Gallagher Cardax

Electronic tag boards make industrial sites Safer

Just released by Gallagher is the ‘Tag Board’ for quickly identifying who is in an area and improving site safety. I have worked in many industrial sites including mines and metal smelters, where the method of tracking who is in a high risk area revolves around an out dated paper tag system where each person needs […]

Hungry Beast threat to security

Just when you thought you had your security covered…

There is a new and very scary threat to system security called Stuxnet. While it is not new in the sense of being a computer virus, it is new in that it directly attacks a specific target’s infrastructure by overriding the control of devices, while reporting to the operators that everything is OK. Fortunately you […]