Do More Megapixels Give Better Results

There is much more to consider when selecting a camera than how many megapixels it is. One of the key points made is the compression engine used Indeed, many see the term ‘megapixel’ as a reassurance of high quality, but this isn’t the case. If, for example, you had 1.3 million pixels of poorly processed […]

How Many Megapixels does a CCTV Design need for Identification

With megapixel surveillance cameras being available in a broad selection of resolutions, how do you know how much is enough? Many salespeople are making huge recommendations as to what to expect from a megapixel camera as an upgrade from a analogue 4CIF camera. Things like 1 camera will replace 5 cameras or even more just […]


Surveillance Camera Comparison Parameters

To compare various surveillance cameras in 3D drawing software we need a set of constants to begin with. Being from Australia, I am working to the standard AS4806 for the base definitions or resolution criteria. All the examples use here are created using Video CAD Pro but similar results can be obtained with the JVSG […]

Assessment of a 10 Megapixel surveillance camera image

With manufactures continuing to release larger megapixel surveillance cameras for applications in CCTV, are we actually getting an improvement in image quality or just bigger files to manage? If you search around the CCTV sites on the internet, you can easily find examples of real world performance of different IP cameras. Today I am looking […]

What is the effective resolution of a 3MP camera at 2x electronic zoom?

Understand what the camera is for. Bigger Mega Pixel’s is not always better.

When you install a camera, the most likely mistake will be expecting too much from it. Cameras have improved dramatically with their light performance, resolution and back light compensation. However they still have limitations that are often ignored until after you have had an incident and cant identify anyone. The requirement of the camera needs […]


Mega Pixel – a technical view

The CCTV industry is pushing Mega Pixel (MP) High Definition (HD) as the big thing in cameras but is it really replacing the analogue camera. The following takes a technical view at some of the prose and cons based the comparison of a 35X analogue PTZ compared to a fixed position looking across a typical […]