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Top 4 Web based CCTV Lens Calculators

Choosing the right angle of view or field of view (FOV) is about 70% of the skill in getting great results from your CCTV design. Fortunately there are plenty of tools to help us work this out, including on-line lens calculators.

To avoid a reduction in sharpness, only use an IR corrected lens on HD cameras if Infra Red light is used

Security camera lenses can have an optional coating that is used to correct the focusing of infra red light. This coating has an impact on the resolution the lens can resolve, which on Standard Definition cameras is not noticeable but is on Mega Pixel cameras. Related Topics

Know what you want the camera to do. Identify, Recognise or Observe

Despite what you see on TV, a camera cannot identify a person at the back of a scene, when they only occupy 10% of the total height. Even with Mega Pixel cameras, we are limited in what can be achieved. As a rule of thumb, If you want to see what is happening in a […]

Correct camera focus for night time viewing

So the installer setup the surveillance cameras, showed you the CCTV system and everything was as you hoped. A nice tight image that will identify the suspects perfectly. Well so you thought until you had the night time break in and the pictures were all out of focus I have heard installers say it is […]