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Making CCTV more than just a deterrent

Thousands of CCTV cameras are capturing your image as you pass through the streets of Adelaide every day but are they really effective? Having CCTV cameras is a great deterrent to crime but often they do not actually provide any evidence of use for convicting offenders due to the lack of a quality image of […]

Christmas Tree in surveillance camera view

Christmas decorations and surveillance Cameras

When you put up your Christmas decorations this year, please consider the surveillance camera view. Here is a classic example of where the Christmas decorations have completely blocked the surveillance cameras view in a shopping centre. With the incidence of shoplifting being elevated at Christmas, the last thing you want to do is reduce the effectiveness of your video […]

Wireless CCTV network

Something’s Wrong In The SSID | Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV is an awesome solution for many applications but it has to be installed with an understanding of wireless networking. Here is an example of what not to do. The system was very simple I was asked to look into a system that had been configured to demonstrate a proof of concept for a client. The […]


Obtaining Peace Of Mind By Means Of Security Surveillance

Have you ever felt the necessity to know what is going on someplace whenever you are not there? For instance, at home, is the babysitter doing her work effectively? Are your high school kids planning to throw a party, or maybe they already are partying? How about the office? What takes place there when you’re […]

Spy Camera Watch Designs

Spy Camera Watch Options

I am looking to bring in some wrist watches with inbuilt spy cameras and audio recording. From the list below, which design would you be more inclined to wear? Please put your preference in the comments below.

Surveillance and Security Cameras – What You Should Know

You have quite a lot to appraise when on the hunt for security and surveillance cameras. You can utilize them in your dwelling, place of work or both. It will be necessary for you to make up your mind if you want cameras that are hard-wired or wireless.

Pointers On Finding Security Tools That Fit Your Preferences

Moving to Colorado to work as a teacher has required me to face a number of changes. Besides the tough tasks at work, I need to become more vigilant since the community I reside in today is not the same as what I was once accustomed to.   I chose to bring a defense spray […]

Taking sound financial preparation steps in launching your business

Taking sound financial preparation steps in launching your business

Sound financial planning and preparation should be covered in any personal improvement or self-help guides when encouraging people to launch their own businesses. It’s imperative for people to realize the financial implications of trying to replace their incomes when seeking to get a business off the ground. It requires some time for most businesses to […]

Red neck burglar alarm

Do I Really Need a Burglar Alarm?

Lots of home-owners hold back until it really is way too late to get a burglar alarm installed. Because they consider themselves secure and protected inside of their household and in their locality merely because nothing disastrous may have actually happened to these people before, many people won’t think about purchasing a burglar alarm till […]


Cameras Reading you Text Messages – Get a life

Should you be concerned about a CCTV camera watching over your shoulder and reading your text messages?