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Occasionally I get feedback from my awesome readers and I have been fortunate to have their permission to publish them here.

Maserati being stolen from carpark on CCTV

Maserati Stolen but the CCTV is useless

An example of really poor quality car park CCTV resulting in the theft of a Maseati. The number of useless video surveillance installs out there really frustrates me. Take this example of two men stealing a Maserati. They are caught five times on the CCTV system but every image is useless. This is extremely common […]

Fake security camera

Make Your Own Fake Security Cameras

How-to video to make your own fake security cameras on a very low budget. But why would you when $6 will get you a realistic one.

Surveillance Camera 3D design software

IP Video Design tool v7

Version 7 of the IP Video Design Tool has some great enhancements to speed up your CCTV design and greatly improve the quality of your quotes. Update: Now current version is IP Video System Design Tool 10. I have been advocating the use of the IP video design tool for a long time and use it […]


What Did 2011 bring you?

Our first year of CCTV Design is nearly at the end and we have seen a steady growth in the sites popularity. Since launching the site on the 15th March 2011, we have hit almost 6000 visits and have a returning customer base of 2000 visitors, who viewed 15,953 pages. Who’s watching CCTV Design? The […]

Good Gear Equals Good Sound

Last night I was doing one of my hobbies, which is sound mixing for bands. I heard this 2 piece band for the first time last week and the first question they had was “will this amplifier be ok for a room of 100 people?”. That was a definite NO. It was a portable 4 […]

Employment is such a bore

A few weeks ago I decided that after taking 4 months off it was time to get back to working for my money rather than blogging for the love of it. So I applied for a job outside of what I have been doing for 23 years and bugger me, I got it. Why change […]

CCTV search site

Tips for searching for CCTV related sites

One of my favorite bloggers Ana Hoffman just gave out a great tip on how to search for sites that are open to comments in your niche, which is a great way to increase your CCTV training. Ask questions! Take a look at and try this search for something obscure like wifi security camera with […]

Don’t let your being slack set them free

A man accused of stealing a laptop was seen on CCTV footage but due to the camera being out of focus was acquitted.

The Fountain Pen versus Computer

In a recent Twitter discussion with @Tarale about the price of a fountain pen being up to $5000 the question was raised why not use a standard . @Tarale prefers them because they look nice and don’t leave a blob of ink at the start of a line and cited this example. Challenging that thought […]