Electronic tag boards make industrial sites Safer

Just released by Gallagher is the ‘Tag Board’ for quickly identifying who is in an area and improving site safety.

I have worked in many industrial sites including mines and metal smelters, where the method of tracking who is in a high risk area revolves around an out dated paper tag system where each person needs to remember to place their tag in a slot and at the end of shift, take it out. While this worked, it has a high level of error due to people simply forgetting to do it.
Mine site tagboard | Gallagher CardaxIt also required that in an emergency evacuation, someone had to physically grab all the tags from the board to check who was in the area, which consumes additional time and puts people at risk.

Eliminating the physical tag board with an electronic one that co-exists with the access control system means it is not possible to forget to do the tag and allows instant access to the on-site details from multiple locations over the LAN.

In an emergency, can you quickly and easily:

  • Identify who is on site?
  • Account for all personnel?
  • Locate individuals within the site?
  • Access personnel contact information?

New tagboard by Gallagher
Cardax have some of the best high level integrations – HLI – to CCTV systems, which means in conjunction with the tag system you are able to easily locate video footage of when each person checked in or out and view related cameras in the restricted area to help in the safe evacuation of all staff.

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Cardholder Location Monitoring-LR


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