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CCTV Installation. Do You Provide What The Customer Wants or What They Need?

When you are asked to quote a CCTV installation, you have a choice. Quote what will win the work or what will do what the client needs. How to achieve both.

3D CCTV Design Tool Improves The Quality of Your Video Surveilance

Every serious video surveillance company should have a 3D CCTV design tool. This would reduce the number of dissatisfied clients and stop so many useless systems being installed.


Two kinds of CCTV Installers Exist

Did you know there are two types of CCTV Installer? One designs the system in consultation with the client while the other just puts cameras in. Which are you looking for?


3D CCTV Design from 2D Aerial Photo

In a previous post, we looked at some footage published where the police were looking for help to identify someone in a car park. The images were of no use for the intent of the coverage as they are all too wide.     After modelling it in a 3D CCTV CAD, we get a […]