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Window Cleaner security breach

Can You Stop A Terrorist – Reassessing Security Plans

I just found this post relating to facility management and Reassessing Security Plans as Terrorist Networks Become Decentralized. While not talking specifics, there are aspects of all forms of security that can be implemented to improve your overall awareness of who is accessing your building without authorisation. The reality is your biggest weakness in your buildings […]


Making CCTV more than just a deterrent

Thousands of CCTV cameras are capturing your image as you pass through the streets of Adelaide every day but are they really effective? Having CCTV cameras is a great deterrent to crime but often they do not actually provide any evidence of use for convicting offenders due to the lack of a quality image of […]


Evaluation of effective coverage from cameras in public areas

The following page is related to the Linkedin posts on CCTV for ID quality about achieving coverage in council areas with fixed position cameras instead of PTZ cameras. Diagram 1 shows the coverage of a 1.3MP 4:3 aspect IP camera with a 65 degree lens for use in a council area that wants . This […]


Two kinds of CCTV Installers Exist

Did you know there are two types of CCTV Installer? One designs the system in consultation with the client while the other just puts cameras in. Which are you looking for?


11 Cameras and No Protection

While working at a Centre Link office today I noticed that of the 11 cameras in the public foyer, not one was of any use. So I thought I would test their security alertness and in view of everyone I took some photos of what they were covering. After taking several photos of the cameras […]

CCTV Contact Sheet ID test chart

The Tender Game – Measuring Image Quality of a Surveillance System

The ability to define an output image quality of a CCTV system seems to have been lost as we moved into a digital age over the past 10 years. If you looked at a surveillance system in year 2000, it was most likely a CCD camera connected to a multiplexer and a time lapse VCR. […]

More poor quality security video with a holdup in Emerald

Here is a fine example of surveillance video from a HD camera (you can tell by the 16:9 aspect ratio) that is next to useless. First of all a HD camera, whether it is 720p or 1080p should give a really crisp image but this one has so much compression applied, most likely to increase […]

Even a Cheap camera will do!

I can’t believe I am posting this as for the past 11 years I have been representing some of the finest cameras made. Those ones in the $600+ range. However the fact remains as I quoted in a previous post. Even a cheap camera, if put in the right location will give reasonable results So […]