Even a Cheap camera will do!

Cheap domeI can’t believe I am posting this as for the past 11 years I have been representing some of the finest cameras made. Those ones in the $600+ range.

However the fact remains as I quoted in a previous post.

Even a cheap camera, if put in the right location will give reasonable results

So what is the right location? That is not a simple one to answer but the very short version is :

      • A scene where the lighting is constant,
      • With no backlight,
      • Or significant lighting variations,
      • And enough light shining on the subjects camera facing surface.
      • Lastly the scene is tight enough to give the required detail.

Wow – that was a mouthful.

So an example for the lighting would be a camera in a shopping mall where there is no variation from sunlight and the lighting source is of a wide angle and even coverage so the light falls on the face.
As for the scene width, if you want to identify people you will need the persons head to occupy at least 15% of the scene based on a 4CIF image. That means that the width of the scene should be no more than 4mtrs.

Now before you dismiss what I have said, that 4mtrs can be as the person gets close to the camera, with the scene getting wider further back. As an example a camera behind a cash register can cover the person at the counter with ID quality, while giving an overview of the shop behind. Another example would be the narrow view of a door way.
So while I will never endorse a $100 camera, I accept that there is a Market for them.  I just ask you work with in their limited capabilities.

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