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CCTV in Public Places – NSW

I found this pdf that is worth having a read of if you are planing to design an outdoor security camera system for a public area.$file/cctv.pdf

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating

Many products have an IP rating such as IP65. This rating also referred to as Ingress Protection defines the items ability to keep out moisture and solid objects as documented in the international standard IEC 60529. Many camera housings have a rating if IP65 or higher, which defines the ability to keep objects down to […]

What does this door say to you?

Take a good look at this door. Does it say anything to you? To me it says security problem. Why? The door is controlled by a proximity card reader to unlock it. No big deal there. The prox reader has lost power and the fuse is on the other side of the door. No problems, […]


IP Video – Don’t believe the spec !

Since the acceptance of IP video, terms like MPEG4, H.264, 4CIF, D1, MJPEG, QCIF, CIF, DVD quality HD, Mega-pixel & MJPEG have been thrown around as statements of image quality. Unfortunately these terms have absolutely no relation to actual image quality. In fact in most IP product specifications there is no true measure of the […]

CCTV Contact Sheet ID test chart

The Tender Game – Measuring Image Quality of a Surveillance System

The ability to define an output image quality of a CCTV system seems to have been lost as we moved into a digital age over the past 10 years. If you looked at a surveillance system in year 2000, it was most likely a CCD camera connected to a multiplexer and a time lapse VCR. […]