Mount the camera low enough to see faces

Often cameras are installed at a height that prevents them being touched. Unfortunately this is too high in many cases to see faces. Particularly if the person is wearing a hat.

If the camera is intended to give facial identification, the vertical angle (from the horizon) should be small enough that you are looking into the face rather than down onto the head. 35 degrees is the maximum the camera should be from the horizon.

The example below shows a camera mounted 2 metres back from the person to illustrate the difference mounting height has when identifying a person. Images 1 / 2 are with a 2.3 metre mounting height, which works if no hat is worn but you cant see the eyes. Images 3 / 4 are at 2 metres and providing the person does not tilt their head forward, give ID quality for both.

Camera at 2.3m height for IDCamera at 2.3m height for ID has problems with with hat

Camera at 2m height for ID works with hat Camera at 2m height for ID

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