Add ID Quality Surveillance Images for less than $30

Budget dome cameraDid you know that for as little as $30 you can improve the chances of identifying a suspect?

So many small shops with a large amount of cash handling have surveillance cameras and a DVR but have them installed to only overview the area.

For example, a coffee shop I was in today had a customer area about 12 metres long by 6 metres wide with 2 surveillance dome cameras installed. The cameras were of a reasonable grade and I am guessing a 4channel DVR. One camera was over viewing the customer seating and fridges while the other was directly above the till to watch staff theft.
No cameras covering faces at the entry exit door or the counter.
For as little as $30 and following my advice on how to get ID quality images they could install an additional surveillance camera covering the counter and toward the door, with a 4 metre wide view.

The only extra cost would be a few metres of pre made cable to the DVR.

Watch this new video tutorial on using a budget camera in a coffee shop to see visually how to add ID quality to your CCTV design with a budget camera.

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