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More Things To Note When Thinking ONVIF CCTV

I setup a small ONVIF CCTV system in a test environment this week. The intention was to get several different ONVIF CCTV compliant Axis encoders recording on an IndigoVision NVR to allow integration to an existing system rather than running two different VMS systems.   The products I tested were: After a significant amount of […]

How Well Does a Video Surveillance System Design Based on ONVIF Work?

Having just completed some training on ONVIF, it appears there are many aspects that need to be considered before selecting the surveillance camera for your system design as not all cameras offer all aspect of the standards and some work better than others. As a CCTV consultant I am concerned about what will happen when […]


Things to note when thinking ONVIF

As you may be aware, ONVIF has arrived and that is a good thing. The ability to chose a camera that suits your niche and use the head end / NVR of your choice is a great thing. BUT…. Before jumping into ONVIF head first, I thought it would be best you understand the areas […]

Australian Standards for CCTV

I was recently asked where to obtain a copy of the Australian Standards for CCTV. When I first went looking for  these a couple of years back, it was not that easy to find. I tried the keywords like Australian Standards and AS but after some searching I located it. There are 4 published parts […]