Australian Standards for CCTV

Australian Standards CCTVI was recently asked where to obtain a copy of the Australian Standards for CCTV.
When I first went looking for  these a couple of years back, it was not that easy to find.

I tried the keywords like Australian Standards and AS but after some searching I located it.

There are 4 published parts to the standard located at SAI Global under the heading of AS 4806. The is also a part 5 in draft at CCTVconsultants, which is currently freely downloadable.
I would recommend if you are looking to purchase them getting part 5 and part 2 unless you really want to understand signal timing and other in depth parts.

  • Part 2 covers a lot of the design fundamentals including how to determine the correct filed of view for different end results.
  • Part 5 covers the newer technologies like DVR’s and IP video, taking into account the new measurements of pixel count and compression.

I have purchase the full set to ensure I can advise to the standard

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