When choosing a VMS look at the hidden costs

While some Video Management Systems (VMS) may appear well priced, there are often additional costs.

  • Check the costs for License per viewing work station?
  • Maximum cameras before an enterprise license is required?
  • Number of cameras per server?
  • You may find that you need an additional server when you add just one more camera. How much storage is required?
  • Many systems offer better compression, reducing storage costs and on going hard drive replacement costs.
  • How much cooling do the servers require? Cooling costs ongoing money.
  • Are there yearly license fees?
  • Can the recording perform redundancy and at what cost?
  • If your video information is important, shouldn’t be able to have a fail over redundancy?
  • The reliability of the system?
  • Technicians are not cheap. If you have an end to end solution from one vendor, the reliability increases and the support is from one source.

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