Lighting is so important for video surveillance

When designing video surveillance systems, it is important to understand the lighting requirements of the camera.

A basic camera will work reasonably well in consistently lite areas but where the lighting is not providing a consistent result as is the case in this video clip, you need a much higher quality camera with a pixel based wide dynamic range to be able to sample the scene in the varied lighting conditions.

If you were to stand in this shopping centre, to the human eye the lighting  looks acceptable but as the scene captured in this video surveillance footage shows, for this camera there is too much difference in the contrast as the person walks under each light resulting in a washed out of the face.

[easyazon-image-link asin=”8238756383″ alt=”Professional PIXIM SEAWOLF IR Waterproof Outdoor CCTV Security Camera, 98.42feet IR Range, 4-9mm Fixed Iris Lens, 690HTVL-E, Ultra WDR of 120dB, 3D Noise Eliminating Technology” src=”” align=”left” margin=”10″ width=”75″ height=”75″]To overcome this you could ask the centre manager to improve the light at several thousand dollars or you could higher quality camera with the latest Pixim CMOS chipset that will give a great result in 720p HD resolution.

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