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3D CCTV Design Tool Improves The Quality of Your Video Surveilance

Every serious video surveillance company should have a 3D CCTV design tool. This would reduce the number of dissatisfied clients and stop so many useless systems being installed.

No Video cameras

And you wonder where people get their expectations

Can you enhance that for me? As a provider of CCTV I have been asked to extract evidence plenty of times. Often the video is next to useless due to either a poor installation or non maintained equipment. The classic question I nearly always get is Can you enhance that for me? Well here is […]

So you want fake security cameras

If you are going to install Fake Security Cameras, at least make them look like they are actually working! Dummy cameras that don’t look like the real thing really erk me. Don’t think I’m referring to the actual cameras resemblance to a real camera. Most of them have that covered pretty well (other than the […]