About Us

CCTV Design evolved as a place to share knowledge on proven video surveillance design parctices, without trying to sell a product or installations service. Simply sharing the knowledge gained from having worked full time in the electronic video surveillance and security industry since 1988.

Our philosopy is:

simply having knowlege is useless unless it can be passed on to others, allowing them to learn and expand on this experience.

Supporting this belief, we have publised a huge number of technical articles on the web, that are freely available, including those on this site.

Extending on this, a professional consultancy service for video surveillance is available to advise, design, audit and manage tenders, giving you peice of mind that you are getting both value for money and a surveillance system that is operational to your needs.


Systems we have experience in include:

  • Council RF based surveillance
  • Public address and paging integrated into the CCTV
  • Train stations and rail cars
  • Defence
  • Convention Centres
  • Public Car Parks
  • Stadiums
  • Policing & Prisons
  • Detention Centres
  • Traffic management
  • Industrial Sites
  • Mining & Process Control



  • Design of IP CCTV systems with a full understanding the key aspects that impact on the final image quality.
  • High level integration of systems to produce a more functional and user friendly result.